1. Free use: As long as we meet some of our requirements (we assess the customer's reputation and system), customers can get free equipment for a certain period of time (one year or many years).

2. Energy sub-management: We provide equipment for free to help users save energy or increase revenue and return the proceeds to our company.

3. Rental equipment or shared equipment (on-line monitoring of oxygen content deoxidation equipment): Lease type mainly refers to users renting related equipment, equipment does not move; shared type refers to users only use during the period of use, non-use period, our company will take back the equipment For other users. Specific operation: Pay the deposit and rental fee in advance.

4.B2B sales products: The distributors and service providers designated by our company provide products and paid services to customers.

5. Operation and maintenance: Our company provides all equipment related to water quality monitoring and treatment, and signs relevant service agreements with users. Users only need to pay a small amount of money (including equipment and maintenance, usually 70% of the original cost). Can use high quality products and worry-free service.
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